As we address retention in schools and enhance learning outcomes, we also instil the right skills to equip our children for their futures.

An avenue for better Career Guidance

From 9th grade, we introduce our children to career counselling to help realise their true potential. We then work towards building the necessary skills to take them closer towards their aspirations.

An introduction to Vocational Skilling

Along with academic learning, our children also need the right balance of vocational skills to grow and succeed in a competitive atmosphere. Our initiatives enable the children to develop entrepreneurial skills in various occupations, opening doors to more opportunities.

A pathway to Work-readiness

We empower our children with skills necessary that help them make choices like pursuing higher education or a career of one’s choice, at the end of high school.

In 12th grade, we conduct work-readiness training, introducing our children to basic communication skills, interview skills and personality development, making them job-ready in the career of their choice.


WPP Foundation has introduced its Student2Scholar program to give students an opportunity to complete their education to livelihood journey. The program is open to all the students in 8th grade upwards for all the students part of the Education to Livelihood program and allows students to receive financial assistance from any government and private scholarships across India. Run across the year, the program has supported students to receive scholarship worth 15-23 thousand rupees, helping many reduce their household dependencies to continue with their education.

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We make our children socially responsible citizens. We instil in them, values like mutual respect, confidence, and equality of gender to complete their journey from education to a better future. These values support their development throughout life.

A step towards Sports for Development

Our children attain an intensive all-round value education through sports, where they learn basic problem-solving skills to become resilient. They learn to respect each other and their elders. They also learn to look at the bigger picture, find their aspirations and plan for them. Through sports and activities, we want to reduce discriminatory views towards gender and caste in our society, opening doors to inclusivity.

A route to Diverse Livelihood Options

All our children are first-generation learners, with limited values towards education and livelihood. We want them to believe in themselves and know that there are multiple career opportunities beyond academics. We encourage them to dream of a future where there’s room for more ambition.
We introduce professional music and dance training to encourage a passion for music and dance. With annual performances and showcases, we see our children, confidently and comfortably, express themselves through music and dance. Many of our children continue to improvise their skills to later become professional trainers. These diverse skillsets will close the loop to livelihood for our talented children.

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One in five children drops out during the transition between primary to secondary school education. WPP India Foundation meets children at this transitory stage of their education, in the 6th grade. We increase the retention of children in schools and encourage them to complete higher education. This in turn improves their learning outcomes. We work with schools, where children from 6th – 12th grades, participate in the initiatives introduced by us. Our Classrooms to Joyrooms initiative with over 20 interventions bring back the joy in learning.

A leap towards the Future of Technology

We are witnessing the 4th industrial revolution where digital technology disrupts lives through its innovations. We equip our children with the knowledge of the latest technologies, to foster their growth in the digital world.

WPP India Foundation has independently curated a Digital Education program with experiential learning to assist children in learning technology. We are bridging the digital gap by introducing children to coding, 3D designing and robotics at a young age and opening doors to their futures, with the right knowledge of digital technology.

Access to Better Learning Outcomes

We face a key challenge in improving the learning outcomes of our children who are scoring way below the classroom average, children who tend to be missed out in the classrooms without personalised teaching. Here, we have introduced remedial and tutorials for children studying Languages and Maths, to enhance their learning outcomes.

Many of our children study in the vernacular medium, where our children feel less confident in speaking a commercial language like English. To build confidence in speaking English, we have introduced English learning courses across our schools bridging this learning gap among our children.

Creating Digital Transformers of Tomorrow

When the young minds are given the tools and a bit of direction, our young children can solve the challenges of their own lives and communities. Witness the transformation of a classroom that is developing the digital transformers of tomorrow.

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